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Looking forward to helping you experience a new level of freedom from your past and creating your life from the space of peace, confidence, and infinite possibility.


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What people are saying:

 “After just one session with Maryann, I already felt lighter and stronger than I had in a long time, and much more empowered. I was able to be in the presence of my ex and stand firm in my Power.  It was wonderful!        In gratitude,  L.S.”

“In the peak of the sadness, what felt like despair, started to lift, the black edges started to lighten, to shine and I wanted to laugh. The laughter kept bubbling up around the tears and grief. Now the charge is gone.  This process is so healing, so life altering. I’m feeling more ease in myself.

Sending much love and gratitude to your kind heart, Kelly”


I got crystal clarity about my situation and learned how to shift the energy when dealing with my ex.  This has allowed me to handle the ‘fallout’ of a difficult breakup. J.L.


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